If you own a Gay or Gay-friendly business in the Houston Metroplex
and would like to be added FREE to this site.  Just send an email to:
Be sure to include the following:
                                                                                                         1) NAME of the business
                                                                                                         2) contact person's name to be listed under the                                                                       title - if any
                                                                                                         3) STREET ADDRESS & TELEPHONE NUMBER
                                                                                                         4) WEBSITE ADDRESS - if any
                                                                                                         5) CATEGORY you want to be listed under
And your business will be listed FREE ALWAYS shortly afterwards.
And be sure to tell all your friends & associates with gay-owned &
gay-friendly businesses to get listed too!  Let's make this site the
largest, most complete Gay Traveler's Guide to Houston, TX.
ESCORTS* & MASSEURS sign up requirements:
1) You must provide a NO FRONTAL NUDITY photo of yourself -
       does NOT have to show your face.  If all you have are nude
       photos I will crop out the "goods" to suit this site.
2) You MUST PROVIDE your "alias" and contact info.
3) Provide other info at your discretion, i.e., rates, website, etc.
4) I will then create your "pic-ad" and send it to you for your
       approval before posting it.
*An ESCORT as defined by this site is a COMPANION.  This site  does NOT endorse or promote prostitution.